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Ready Jack Works on All Kinds of Trailers

utility trailers
car hauler trailers
cargo trailers
concession trailers
equipment trailers
gooseneck trailers

motorcycle trailers
livestock trailers
landscape trailers
horse trailers
and more!

trailer tire jack

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30 day money back guarantee on Ready Jack

No Need To Call a Tow Truck!

the readyjack

With Ready Jack, the world’s toughest and easiest to use trailer tire jack, you can save yourself quite a bit of money and time instead of calling a tow truck to change the tire on your trailer.  If your trailer tire goes flat out in the middle of nowhere, with Ready Jack you can change the tire yourself and be on your way in about 5 minutes with minimal physical exertion (you just have to remove and replace the lug nuts).

Have peace of mind the next time you are hauling your trailer.

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Can store on trailer
No physical exertion needed
Easily removed by pulling one pin
Choose black or orange
Works on all flat road surfaces
Works on most trailers

trailer raised with the Ready Jack


Made with 3/4″ steel
Powder coated
Lifting Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
3 lift heights to choose
Weight: 19 lbs.
Dimensions: 23″ x 10″ x 2.5″

3 Easy Steps to Change a Trailer Tire with Ready Jack

Pull Pin to Lower Ready Jack
pull pin out of readyjack
Move Vehicle Forward To Raise
Move Vehicle Forward to Raise Trailer
Replace the Flat Trailer Tire


100% Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with the Ready Jack, the toughest and easiest to use trailer tire jack,  within 30 days, just send us an email or call us and you can have a full refund.

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3rd Place Winner!


Jerry Gower, inventor of the ReadyJack for Trailers, won 3rd place at 2017 NATDA Trade Show & Convention’s New Product Display.

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Easy Fast Tire Change

See how easy it is to get your tire balanced?

Use ReadyJack for:

tire rotation
tire balancing
change a flat tire

trailer wheel bearing repair
trailer hub replacement
trailer axle replacement


Ready Jack for Trailers



How to Change a Trailer Tire using the Ready Jack

If you do any towing of any kind, whether it is a boat, horse trailer or even a simple utility trailer, it is inevitable that you will get a flat tire while your cargo is in tow. There is no doubt that this is one of the worst feelings you can have when you are on the road. If you are lucky, your tire will go flat on a well traveled road with plenty of room on the shoulder to safely park and change the tire and in an area that has cell phone service. Ideally, it also happens during the day in decent weather instead of during a steady rain, at night and in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service.

If you are lucky enough to be in an area with cell phone service and it isn’t the middle of the night, you can call for a tow truck. The problem with that is that it is not uncommon to wait up to an hour or two for the tow truck to come out and them it is also not unheard of to be charged up to $200 for them to change your tire. If you are like most people, you don’t want to put up with that kind of hassle.

A much better solution is Ready Jack for Trailers. With the Ready Jack, you can pull over, change the tire and be on your way in under 5 minutes with little effort on your part. It really is that easy! Just take a look at our video at the top of this page or on our YouTube channel.

This is all you do:
If you are driving down the road and notice that one of the tires on your trailer has gone flat, safely pull over to the side of the road. Try to stay on level ground as much as possible, especially if you have a boat loaded on your trailer. If one side of the trailer is on the main road and the other side of the trailer is on the grass, you will likely be fine since you will only be lifting the trailer a few inches off of the ground. All you need to do is lift it enough to take the old tire off and put the new one on.

Once you are safely off of the road and at a complete stop, set your parking brake for the sake of safety. When you are towing a heavy load behind you, it is always best to practice safety at all times. (While we’re on the subject of safety, please make sure everything in your load is secure). Then affix the Ready Jack to the side of the trailer that has the flat tire. So, if the flat tire is on the right side of the trailer, attach the Ready Jack to the right side of the trailer.

Lower the Ready Jack

The Ready Jack can be in front of the tire or behind the flat tire and it really does not matter where it is placed because the trailer will be lifted high enough for a tire change either way. If your flat tire is on the right side of the trailer and your Ready Jack is already on the right side then all you have to do is pull the pin to let the Ready Jack drop to the ground. For reference, just watch the video at the top of this page or one of our YouTube videos.

Next, get out your lug nut wrench and loosen all of the lug nuts on the wheel with the flat tire. Do not take them off all of the way. Usually all you have to do is loosen then about 1/2 of a turn to one full turn. You want to loosen the lug nuts while the wheel is still on the ground because it is much easier to do it this way than when it is in the air and the wheel can freely spin.

Raise the Trailer

After all of the lug nuts have been loosened and your Ready Jack has been lowered to the ground you are ready to let the Ready Jack do its thing and raise your trailer in the air. Get back in your vehicle and release the parking brake. If your Ready Jack is in front of the tire, then you will want to move your vehicle forward about a foot or so. If your Ready Jack is behind the flat tire, then you will want to move your vehicle back a foot or so.

You do not have to raise the trailer enough so that the Ready Jack is standing straight up. You only have to raise trailer enough so that you can safely and easily get the old tire off and the new tire on. For a trailer tire, this means that you really only have to raise the tire a couple inches.

power boat on a trailerOnce you have adequately raised the trailer enough to change the tire, put your vehicle in Park and set the parking brake. At this point, it is a good idea to chock the wheels on the other side of the trailer. This provides additional safety to ensure that the trailer and vehicle will not move while you are changing the flat tire. The nice thing about the Ready Jack is that you never have to get under your trailer to place the jack underneath the trailer. This makes the Ready Jack much easier than any other jack on the market!

Replace the Flat Tire

Once you have the wheel chocks in place, go back to the tire with the flat and remove the lug nuts. They should be easy to remove if you loosened them enough. With the lug nuts off, remove the wheel with the flat tire and then replace it with the new tire. With the new tire on the lugs, replace the lug nuts one at a time and hand tighten them. It is generally a good idea to push the wheel towards the trailer as you are tightening the lug nuts to ensure that the wheel is firmly seated in place.

Lower the Trailer

Once you have all of the lug nuts hand tightened on the wheel you are ready to lower the trailer. To do this, get back in your vehicle and release the parking brake once again. If your Ready Jack is placed in front of the wheel that had been flat, then move your vehicle back until the wheel is firmly on the ground and the Ready Jack is no longer sustaining any weight of the trailer. If your Ready Jack is behind the replaced tire, then move your vehicle, then move your vehicle forward enough so that the Ready Jack is no longer sustaining any weight of the trailer. Then, set your parking brake.


With the parking brake set, go back to your Ready Jack and lift it up to insert the pin that holds the Ready Jack in place. Once the pin is in place, you are ready to go!

Ready Jack – the World’s Toughest, Fastest and Easiest to Use Trailer Tire Jack