securing a boat to a trailerA trailer jack is necessary to own if you own a trailer of any kind and use it to haul property from location to location. It is inevitable that your trailer will get a flat tire. In the best of circumstances, you will get your flat tire during the day on a well-traveled road that has adequate cell phone signal, you have plenty of room to safely park your vehicle and trailer at the side of the road, can safely wait at the side of the road for a tow truck to arrive to change the flat tire and can easily spend upwards of $300 to pay a tow truck company for the work.

Why you need a good trailer jack

Unfortunately, too many people have to change their flat trailer tire in less than ideal circumstances. Many people have to change their flat trailer tire in all kinds of unwanted situations:

  • In the middle of the night
  • In an unsafe area
  • On a bridge
  • During a heavy rain
  • During bitter cold weather
  • Waiting hours for a tow truck to arrive
  • In a remote area with no cell phone coverage

If you own a trailer or do any hauling, you really need to be prepared in the event you get a flat tire on your trailer. Don’t depend on calling a tow truck because you might not be in an area that has cell phone coverage. You need to be able to change the tire yourself, quickly and easily and with minimal effort. You can do this with the Ready Jack for Trailers.

The best trailer jack

Using any other kind of trailer jack, such as a scissor jack, is often a frustrating experience under the best of circumstances. With the Ready Jack for Trailers, you can quickly and easily change a flat tire on your trailer in minutes. The best part about the Ready jack for Trailers is that this trailer jack will quickly and easily lift your trailer even if your trailer is carrying a heavy load and on many surfaces.

If you are driving along a road and notice that one of your trailer tires has gone flat, pull over to the side of the road. Try to pull over far enough on the shoulder that you can safely change the tire without getting hot by oncoming traffic. Also try to park on a flat and level section of the road. Luckily, the Ready Jack for Trailers works effectively on various road surfaces, such as grass, asphalt, dirt and cement. After you have come to a complete stop, put your vehicle in park and engage the parking brake.

How to use our trailer jack

All you have to do next is pull the Ready Jack pin that holds the trailer jack in place on the trailer. By pulling the pin, the Ready Jack falls into place on the ground and is now ready to lift your trailer, even of it has a full load on it. The Ready Jack has been tested to lift up to 10,000 pounds, which includes the weight of the trailer. So, this trailer jack will safely lift a large boat and the trailer upon which it sits.

With the Ready Jack in position to lift the trailer, use a lug nut wrench to loosen each lug nut. Only turn each lug nit about half of a turn to one full turn. All you are doing here is loosening them so that you can remove them AFTER the trailer has been lifted.

Lift your trailer with the Ready Jack trailer jack

Now that the Ready Jack trailer jack is in position, all you have to do is move your vehicle. Simply move it just far enough that the Ready Jack has lifted the flat tire off of the ground. Lift the tire enough that the new tire can easily be placed on the axle. Once it is at an ideal height, remove the lug nuts that you loosened earlier.

After all of the lug nuts have been removed, take the wheel with the flat tire off and then put the new tire on the axle. At this point, put the lug nuts back on each lug. Hand tighten each lug nut in a star pattern. This helps ensure that the wheel is seated squarely on the axle. Some people will push the tire in various locations around the tire to make sure it is fully on the axle as they hand tighten each lug nut.

Lower the trailer

Now, lower the trailer by moving your vehicle so that the trailer is lowered. After it is all the way down, put your vehicle in park again and set the parking brake. Use your lug nut wrench to fully tighten all of the lug nuts. Once you have completed that step, raise the Ready jack trailer jack back into position just enough so that the pin can be replaced. Once it is in position, you are done and you can go back on your way!

The best trailer jack

We have just described just how easy the Ready Jack is to use. If you ever have a flat tire while you are hauling your property on a trailer, you can rest assured that you can be back on the road in as little as five minutes with your new tire on the wheel. You don’t have to put much effort into lifting the trailer either. The most effort you will exert is when you remove the lug nuts. As you know, it doesn’t matter which kind of trailer jack you use, you will have to remove the lug nuts yourself anyways . The best part of the Ready Jack trailer jack is that it makes the hardest part of changing a flat trailer tire the easiest part. All you have to do to lift your trailer is to push your foot on your gas pedal a little bit. That is it! This way, you are actually putting your car or truck to work to lift your trailer.

To purchase the Ready Jack, go to our shop and get your today!