boat on a trailer with a flat tireIf you are an outdoor enthusiast, especially on the water and you have a boat of some kind to prove it, such as a canoe, kayak, fishing boat, power boat or sail boat then you also probably have a trailer.

With a trailer, you can take your boat, canoe or kayak wherever you have access to a body of water. It is not uncommon for boat owners to take great care of their boat, even spend a great deal of money on it.

Unfortunately, too many boat owners don’t pay enough attention to their trailer until it is too late. This often happens when they find themselves at the side of the road and need to change a trailer tire that has gone flat.

If they are lucky, they are on a well-traveled road and in an area that has cell phone service. More often than not, they are not and have to unhitch their vehicle from the trailer and leave their boat and trailer at the side of the road, hoping they will both be there when they get back. The worst stories in these situations are of people who need to change a trailer tire in an area that is not safe or it is late at night and pouring down rain.

Be Prepared to Change a Flat Trailer Tire

If you haul a trailer, you really have to be prepared to change a trailer tire. If that happens and you have a full load, what will you do? Call a tow truck? That is a good idea, but what if there is no cell phone service where you have to pull over? What if you are on a trail that is inaccessible to a tow truck?  How will you change a trailer tire in that situation? Also, do you really want to pay up to $200 to have a tow truck come out to fix or replace the flat tire on your trailer?

Another option is to change the tire yourself using a scissor jack that often comes with cars. The problem with these is that they usually cannot safely lift the full wight of the trailer and the load on the trailer. They also don’t work well or safely if the trailer is not on a flat or level surface. So. the question is, what will you do?

Use Ready Jack for Trailers to Change a Trailer Tire

Fortunately, the Ready Jack for Trailers is the answer boat owners and people who haul stuff on trailers have been waiting for. If your trailer gets a flat tire, you can replace the flat tire in under five minutes, by yourself and with little physical exertion. It is heavy duty and has been tested to safely lift up to 10,000 pounds. You would have to have a very large boat to exceed the safety limits of the Ready Jack.

With the Ready Jack for Trailers, you can be stuck at the side of a dirt road that no tow truck could reach and change the tire by yourself in minutes. It is so easy to use that just about anyone who can drive can change a tire can easily use the Ready Jack.

Here’s how to quickly change a trailer tire:

Park your vehicle and trailer on level ground, set the parking brake. Loosen the lug nuts about half a turn. Do not loosen them all of the way or take them off. Then, pull the Ready Jack pin to allow it to drop to the ground. Now, move the vehicle about a foot or so – just enough to remove the flat tire and install the replacement. Stop the vehicle.

Next, put a wheel chock behind one of the wheels on the other side of the trailer with the flat and then remove the lug nuts that you had loosened. Take the flat tire off and replace it with your new tire. Put the lug nuts back on and hand tighten them. Then remove the wheel chock and move your vehicle back to its original position. Tighten the lug nuts with a lug nut wrench, restore the Ready Jack to its original position, replace the pin and you are ready to go!