If you need to change a tire on a boat trailer,a boat trailer tire jack is a critical tool for a boat owner to own, particularly if towing the boat frequently during boating season. In the absence of a boat trailer tire jack, boat owners are in jeopardy of being stranded somewhere on some unknown road and helpless until a tow truck service arrives. Anyone who has ever called a tow truck to come out knows that they can charge upwards of $200 to change a tire, if not more. They may charge more if they have to change a tire on a boat trailer that is carrying a heavy load, such as a large boat.

If you are a boat owner and pull it on a trailer, have you thought about what you would do if a tire on your trailer got a flat while you were hauling it? What would you do to change a tire on a boat trailer? There are probably some areas on your route in which you would rather not get stranded because of a flat trailer tire. Consider that if you have to call a tow truck, you may have to wait an hour or two for the tow truck to arrive to change your trailer tire. Luckily, there is a fantastic solution. What about having your own boat trailer tire jack that would help you in order to get you back on the road within 5 minutes?

Boat trailer tire flat

To change a tire on a boat trailer is truly very simple and pretty much anybody can make it happen with Ready Jack for Trailers. If you have enough strength to turn a lug nut wrench to release the nuts then you can utilize the Ready Jack. There is no other boat trailer tire jack out there that is as simple to utilize the Ready Jack to change tire on a boat trailer that has gone flat.

How to change a tire on a boat trailer

One of the most important things you can when you change a tire on a boat trailer is to be safe. The first thing you want to do is to stop your vehicle and trailer on a flat and level surface. Ensure that your boat or load is tied down good and tight to the trailer. Make sure that your trailer is attached to your vehicle via the tow hitch. This has the ball, on top of which the trailer-tongue sits and is secured. Whether or not you trailer has a boat on it, best practice dictates that you connect the trailer to your tow hitch on your vehicle. For one thing, you will need to move your trailer in order for the Ready Jack to lift the trailer. If you have stopped your vehicle and trailer load along the edge of the road, ensure that you are far enough off of the side of the road that you can safely change a tire while traffic is passing you.

Easily change a tire on a boat trailer tire using a jack

With other trailer tire jacks, lifting the trailer can be quite laborious and time consuming. With the Ready Jack, lifting the trailer is the easiest part of using this awesome piece of equipment. Once you have safely parked your vehicle and trailer as described , all you have to do next is remove the pin that holds the Ready Jack in place on the trailer. This enables the Ready Jack to position itself to the ground and it is currently prepared to lift the trailer. When this happens, the Ready Jack swings into position on the ground and is ready to lift the trailer.

When you are ready to  change a tire on a boat trailer

  1. At this point, you will want to use your lug nut wrench and turn it about a half a turn to a full turn to loosen each lug nut.
  2. Do not take the lug nuts off. You only want them loose enough that you can easily remove them once the tire is adequately heightened.
  3. Next, just move your vehicle, with your trailer attached, a good twelve inches or so. Your vehicle only needs to be moved far enough that the flat tire can be easily taken off of the axle and the new wheel installed.
  4. Once you have sufficiently moved your vehicle, you have done the easiest part of changing the flat tire, which is lifting the trailer.
  5. After you have stopped the vehicle and put it in park, make sure to apply the parking brake. Then use wheel chocks on the other side of the trailer form the side with the flat tire.
  6. Now, take off the lug nuts from the wheel that has the flat tire.
  7. Take the wheel off with the flat tire and put the replacement wheel in its place on the axle.
  8. Put the lug nuts back on the lugs and tighten each one by hand. Some people will tighten them with a lug nut while the wheel is still raised and this has benefits but may not be the best course of action. For one thing, the wheel may spin while you are trying to tighten the lug nuts. So, just hand tighten them and then tighten them with a lug nut wrench when the trailer is on the ground.

Lowering the boat trailer

After you put the new wheel back on the axle, the time has come to securely bring down the boat trailer. In order to do so, make sure you remove the wheel chocks and let-off the parking brake. The next step is to gradually move your vehicle the other way that you went to raise your boat trailer. Once your trailer is flat on the ground, stop your vehicle, park it and set your parking brake. Now simply raise the Ready Jack so that you can easily re-insert the holding-pin that secures the Ready Jack onto the trailer. When you have done that, you are prepared to get back on the road and on your way.

Boat trailer tire jack

You have seen how easy it is to use the Ready Jack to change a flat tire on a boat trailer. If you get a flat tire while you are hauling your boat, you have the peace of mind knowing that you can change that flat tire and be on your way in as little as five minutes. To buy the Ready Jack, go to our shop and get yours today!