Having a good trailer tire jack is important for anyone who owns a trailer to haul property like a boat. If you are the owner of a trailer and you get a flat tire, with the Ready Jack trailer jack, you can replace the flat tire in five minutes or less. You won’t even have to exert much energy to do it ether, unlike other trailers jacks. If you can get the lug nuts off of wheel then you can use the Ready Jack trailer tire jack. The rest of the work is easy because the Ready Jack does all of the work. The Ready Jack is a heavy-duty, easy to use tire jack and has been tested to lift 10,000 pounds.

How to change a trailer tire with the Ready Jack tire jack

If you get a flat tire while towing your trailer, try to pull over so that you are parked on a level surface. This will help keep you and others safe as well as the boat on the trailer. Also, try to remember to set the parking brake on your vehicle to maximize your safety during the tire changing process.

boat on a trailer needs a tire jackOnce you have done that, you want to loosen the lug nuts on the wheel with your flat tire. You will need to use a lug nut wrench to loosen the lug nuts and you should have one with your vehicle. Only loosen the lug nuts about a half-turn to one full turn. You don’t want to loosen them all of the way yet. After all of the lug nuts on the wheel with the flat tire have been partially loosened, you are ready to use the Ready Jack trailer tire jack.

Lift the trailer with the trailer jack

At this point, simply remove the pin that is retaining the Ready Jack in position. Removing the pin allows the Ready Jack to fall to the ground. Once it is on the ground, it is ready to use! Simply get back in your car or truck that is attached to the trailer, release the parking brake and move your vehicle enough to allow the Ready Jack tire jack to lift the trailer. The trailer only has to be lifted far enough to remove the flat tire and put the new one back on.
Once the trailer has been sufficiently lifted, use wheel chocks if you have them and place them around the wheel on the opposite side of the trailer with the flat tire. You can even put them around a tire on your car or truck if desired. The wheel chocks simply help prevent your rig from moving while the trailer is lifted in the air. This helps ensure your safety.

Remove a trailer tire using your tire jack

With the wheel with the flat tire in the air, your parking break set and wheel chocks in position, you are ready to take the flat tire off. Just remove the lug nuts that you had loosened earlier. Once they are off you can take the flat tire off of the axle.

With the flat tire off, put the new wheel on the axle. Try to make sure the wheel is all the way against the axle. Then put the lug nuts back on in a star pattern. As you are turning the lug nuts, push the wheel against the axle repeatedly to help ensure that it is seated firmly and squarely against the axle. Make sure that you hand tighten them as firmly as you can.

Safely lower the trailer using the tire jack

ready jack trailer tire jackOnce this is done you are ready to lower the trailer. To do this, make sure to remove the wheel chocks, otherwise you will have a hard time moving your vehicle and lowering your trailer. Then undo the parking brake and move your vehicle enough to lower the trailer. The Ready Jack will allow the trailer to slowly and safely go down to the ground.

Once it is on the ground, put your vehicle in park and set the parking brake once again. Now, use your lug nut wrench to fully tighten each lug nut. Again, be sure to tighten each lug nut by going in a star pattern.
Again, this helps guarantee that the wheel is firmly and squarely positioned against the axle. When all of the lug nuts have been tightened (and not over-tightened) you can restore the Ready Jack to its original sated position on the trailer. Just lift it high enough that you can easily put the pin back in its place. Once it is fully in place, you are ready to be back on your way.

Ready Jack Tire Trailer Jack

As you can readily see, changing a flat tire with the Ready Jack trailer tire jack is incredibly easy to use. You can get a flat tire anywhere on the way to your destination without worry. You can be in an area without a cell phone signal to call a tow truck or anyone else for help. All you have to do is pull over, lower the Ready Jack, move your vehicle enough to let the Ready Jack lift the trailer, change the tire, lower the trailer and you are ready to go! It really can’t be much easier and safer.

If you want an easy-to-use trailer tire jack that you can use just about anywhere in just about any situation and on just about any road surface, then the Ready Jack tire jack is for you! Visit our Shop now to order your Ready Jack.