About the Ready Jack for Trailers

trailer tire jackInventor Jerry L. Gower of Knightdale, NC has created a tire jack for trailers that allows one to raise and lower trailers without safety risks or much physical exertion or time.

Roadside vehicle repairs are an all too common occurrence. When a tire needs changed, for instance, individuals must access the underside of the vehicle or lift the vehicle in order to remedy the situation. Conventional car jacks can be used, however, they tend to require a lot of physical exertion in order to raise the vehicle. These same problems exist when a tire must be accessed on a trailer.

tire jack for trailersTrailers typically do not come with jacks, and the process of jacking them up is complicated, especially if dual axles are involved. Any mistake can put the trailer or tow vehicle at risk as well as the safety of the user. In turn, Inventor Gower was inspired to create the Ready Jack for Trailers!

This clever new invention simplifies the tire changing process. Users will be able to change a flat tire anywhere! Users can travel with this piece always on the trailer. It is strong and durable and can be used on all trailers including cargo trailers, RV trailers, car carriers, boat trailers, and more.

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